Rules & Regulations


  • Sign in upon arrival
  • Ensure you are familiar with our Terms & Conditions
  • Boulder safely, responsibly and keep it clean: follow our Rules & Regulations
  • Use the designated changing rooms
  • We strongly recommend not to walk barefoot
  • Always comply with instructions given by our staff members
  • No glass or crockery outside the bar area
  • Only food and drink purchased on the premises may be consumed here. Only sealable drinking bottles are permitted
  • Smoking is not permitted
  • Please leave your pets at home


  • 0 - 8 years: only permitted for members under adult supervision
  • 8 - 12 years: only permitted under adult supervision
  • 12+: independent bouldering permitted

Boulder safely and responsibly

  • Get of the mat when you’re not bouldering
  • Use the concrete floor for walking around. The mat is a fall zone
  • Sitting, lying or playing on the mats is not permitted
  • Keep a safe distance (min. 1.5 m.) from other climbers on the wall
  • We strongly recommend to, whenever possible, climb down
  • Don’t wear jewelry
  • Climbing on top of the walls is not permitted, only on the top-out wall
  • Drinking alcohol before or during climbing is strictly prohibited

Keep it clean and tidy

  • No chalk bags on the mats or tied round your waist. Use chalk in moderation
  • Bouldering barefoot or with socks is not permitted
  • Bouldering shirtless is not permitted
  • Bouldering on outdoor shoes is not permitted
  • It is obligatory to wear socks while using rental shoes