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Birthday party

An active birthday party? Come to Radium Boulders. After a brief introduction kids can start bouldering accompanied by the instructor and the adults. Sports clothing and clean indoor sports shoes are needed, preferably with light colored soles and a tight fit. After about an hour of bouldering fun (this is usually how long the kids keep going) cake or crisps with lemonade await. Minimum age: 8 years old. Minimum 6 and maximum 12 kids. The cost is €16,- per child. The birthday parties can be held on Saturdays or on Wednesday afternoon. The kids should arrive and leave as a group and we ask that you stick to the agreed arrival and departure times.

For availability and bookings, please contact us via email on (preferred over calling).

If you are wanting to come with more than 3 kids under 12 years old, an instructor from Radium Boulders is needed. Advanced booking is required!

An explanation of bouldering by Sem (in Dutch):


Radium Boulders offers school bouldering sessions for primary school classes 5 - 8, for high school, MBO and HBO.

Bouldering can be done by all; only a brief instruction is needed. No climbing gear, courses or climbing partners are required. In Radium Boulders, the modern and safe environment has excellent facilities. There are 10 color-coded circuits with 16 - 18 boulders each, taking you around the whole bouldering gym and introducing a variety of styles, wall types and movements, providing a full workout along the way! Bouldering improves general fitness as it helps you gain strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, agility, precision and even thinking power to figure out how to complete each boulder. The content of lessons is adapted to different ages, levels and number of classes. Many possibilities!

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Friends, families or colleagues can come bouldering together, but we can also arrange catering. Beer tastings (€19.50 p.p.) are possible. Radium Boulders has a changing range of around twenty different beers from small breweries.



  • Up to 15 people: €15 p.p.
  • 15 - 25 people: €14 p.p.
  • Over 25 people: €13 p.p.


  • Up to 15 people: €14 p.p.
  • 15 - 25 people: €13 p.p.
  • Over 25 people: €12 p.p.

Smaller groups of adults (less than 15 people) can go climbing without instructor if preferred. The group will receive a brief introduction and can boulder independently. This only costs the normal single entry fee. Instruction is however more fun, as tips and tricks will be shown and you will be able to successfully complete more boulders.

More information or bookings? Please email