Courses & Training


Twelve years or older and want to climb? Come in at any time during our opening hours, even if you have no experience. We will show you everything you need to have fun bouldering. If you're between 8-11, make sure you bring an adult along.

For newcomers, no introduction class needed. We will show you everything you need to know at your first visit at Radium.

Wear sports clothing and also bring a pair clean indoor sports shoes (preferably with a light-colored sole). However, climbing becomes even more fun if you do it with real climbing shoes. You can rent those for 3€ here at Radium as well.

Level Up! With dr. Bob (4a - 5c)

This basic technique training course is given by dr. Bob himself. After starting with basic techniques like standing on your feet properly and twisting, we'll focus on how to hang on slopers, how to make dynamical moves and how to deal with your center of gravity. It's 3 evenings (15 Jan / 22 Jan / 29 Jan, all from 19:00 - 21:00) for € 50, excluding regular entrance.

Advanced techniques, levels 5c until 6c

Further information is coming soon


Further information is coming soon